Requirements for attending Church on Sabbath November 7, 2020 Service time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM MAXIMUM CAPACITY 80 – PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED!
1.No Mask – No Entry.
2.Front Door Entry and exit only.
3.Your temperature will be taken at the door. (If you are sick or are coughing and sneezing, you will not be allowed inside the church.) You must maintain social distancing while in line as well as when in the church building. We are required to keep attendance records every week. Enter the church and wait until an usher can seat you.
4.There will be no singing because of NAD, NUC, and CDC requirements and recommendations. We want to be good citizens as well as faithful Christians.
5.Must use hand sanitizer upon entering and on leaving. Will be provided.
6.For maximum capacity, all seats will be preassigned. The ushers will seat you and DISMISS you.
7.No personal touching including hand shaking, hugs, etc.
8.Only families can sit together (people you live with), others will be spaced according to social distancing. (Unless friends live together, they may not sit together.)
9.Because of social distancing requirements, it limits our church attendance to 100 people maximum. Therefore, we must ask you to pre-register so you will not be disappointed on Sabbath morning.
10.If you use the restroom (try not to), please wash your hands and sanitize after using. One person at a time and children must be accompanied by a parent.
11.No mingling in the Lobby, Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, or hallways.
12.No food allowed in any area of the church.
13.Security is on duty and will assist in all of these matters. 
Plan to arrive at 10:30 am for CDC, NAD, NUC check-in.