We Provide a convenient way for you to make donations online by partnering with the Adventist Giving program of the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.
     Adventist Giving allows you to make donations anytime and anywhere you can access the Internet in the form of an electronic check (ACH) or Debit/Credit card transaction. You may also enhance your worship experience by printing your Adventist Giving confirmation receipt and cut off the bottom portion to place in the offering collection box or basket at the church; this is an optional step and not required for us to record your online donation.
     Adventist Giving uses state of the art encryption technology to protect both your funds and personal information.
     If you have any questions regarding Adventist Giving, we encourage you to review the information provided in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or view their short video about the service.
Thank you for your partnership in ministry!
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