Paradise SDA Church has partnered with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to offer a convenient way to donate online through a program called Adventist Giving.
Adventist Giving provides Paradise church members and friends a way to give their tithe and offerings to our local church while on a business trip, a vacation, away at school, or simply from the convenience of their home! Donations may be made by electronic check (ACH) or Debit/Credit card. For those using this service who wish to continue to enhance their worship experience by contributing to the offering plate on Sabbath, the bottom portion of your printed confirmation page may be cut off and placed in the offering plate. However, this optional step is not required for us to record your online donation.
The service is secured using state of the art encryption technology to protect both your funds and personal information.
If you have any questions regarding Adventist Giving, we encourage you to review the information provided in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or view their short video about the service.
To donate now, or register as a new user, please follow the link below. Thank you for your
partnership in ministry!